For the motoneigists, access on the Monts-valin directly starting from the Hotel.

Every Thursday and Fridays as 9 h 30 pm, our chansonnier, Dj and Karaoké, Danny Rhainds!

For informations: 418-545-4912 or

The hôtel Mont-Valin is situated at the entrance of the Saguenay Region, the heart of an open playground, accessible in winter as well as summer.

The region is a real paradise for snowmobile riders, offering them thousands of accessible snow-covered trails (regional and national levels), which have multiple stops along the way. The Trans-Quebec trail leads you directly to us!

In winter, you can devote yourself to ice fishing in the magnificent Fjord of the Saguenay, and savour the cod, rosefish (sébaste), and other marine species.

Etched between 70 kilometers of steep mountains, the Saguenay is the longest Fjord in North America, and it can reach depths of over 1000 feet.


La fabuleuse histoire d'un royaume is a spectacular stage show which presents the history of the region. This historic portrait employees over 200 people, including actors and extras, as well as horses and farm animals. To add to the special effects, the show even has a number of automobiles cross the stage.

La Pulperie de Chicoutimi is a museum that portrays the history of the industrialization of the region by one of the first French-Canadian entrepreneurs, J. A. Dubuc. With its impressive ruins on the winding banks of the Chicoutimi River, la Pulperie is part of the area that sustained massive damage during the deluge of 1996, and where the legendary "small white house" is situated.

The hôtel Mont-Valin is directly on the cycling route, giving the cyclist access to dozens of kilometres that allows them to cross the area in complete safety while visiting the region's many tourist sights.

Lac Saint-Jean is a real inner sea with blue azure waters and kilometres of white sandy beaches. It is the ideal place to relax and get a tan, swim, or participate in numberous nautical activities.

Lac Kénogami, which stretches more than 42 kilometres, was simply baptized "long lake" by the Montagnais. It is lined with beaches, pedestrian paths, cycling trails, campsites, and a marina. It is a real fresh air, outdoor playground only a few kilometres from the hotel.